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AWG38 Ultrasonic Enameled Wire

AWG38 Ultrasonic Enameled Wire , high temperature wire, Self Solder Copper Winding Wires

AWG38 Ultrasonic Enameled Wire

AWG38 Ultrasonic Enameled Wire

AWG38 Ultrasonic Enameled Wire

AWG38 Ultrasonic Enameled Wire

Product Introduction

NFC Inlay AWG38 Ultrasonic Enameled Wire, PVC surface using ultrasound heating implants, depending on thickness of PVC Division has a dedicated wire applications. The series has a very high tensile strength and surface lubricity, high speed winding can be achieved. Suitable for HF contactless smart card antenna coil winding.

Detailed Description

 Main technical parameters-AWG38#-T(R)
Conductor diameter(mm)0.10±0.001breakdown voltage(V)≥2200
Electrical resistance (Ω/m)2.176±3%Springiness(°)-
SizeOverall diameter(mm)0.135±0.004Solder temperature(℃)380±5℃
Insulated layer(mm)0.019~0.023Self-adhesive methodBonding with hot air
Adhesive layer thickness(mm)0.012~0.016Melting strength (g)≥30
Elongation (%)≥19%Melting temperature (℃)160~180℃
Intensity(g)≥130Temperature levelF
Brine Pinhole (Piece)≤6M/8Shelf life(20℃)One Year
 Main technical parameters-AWG38#-T(N)
Conductor diameter(mm)0.10±0.002breakdown voltage(V)≥1100
Electrical resistance (Ω/m)2.176±4%Springiness(°)-
SizeOverall diameter(mm)0.118±0.002Solder temperature(℃)375±5℃
Insulated layer(mm)m)0.016~0.02Solder temperature(℃)-
Self-adhesive method-Melting strength (g)-
Elongation (%)≥25%Melting temperature (℃)-
Intensity(g)-Temperature levelF
Brine Pinhole (Piece)≤6M/8Shelf life(20℃)One Year


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