NFC inlay manufacturer and smart card solution providerNFC inlay manufacturer and smart card solution provider

About Us

About Us

Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Technology Co.,Ltd. is an international large-scale NFC Inlay sheet, NFC smart card inlay manufacturer and NFC smart card solution providers with large scale. The company has more than 8,000 square meters of single-family plants, more than 100 sets of automated production equipment and testing equipment, more than 200 employees . Specialize in : NFC 125KHz LF inlay, NFC 13.56MHz HF inlay, NFC 915MHz UHF inlay, NFC Dual frequency inlay, kinds of customized NFC inlay sheet, NFC Inlay material and custom NFC Smart card . And supporting a variety of standardized and personalized NFC Smart card production equipment and consumables supplying.

In 2017, The NFC inlay sheet output of Card Cube exceeds 300 million , finished NFC Smart card 18 million , which is one of the largest NFC inlay and smart card manufacturers. Card Cube offers a full line of NFC inlay, NFC smart card inlay for your business. We are a one-stop solution provider, we can help you save time and money. We believe we can help make your business smarter with our technology innovations and your work easier. We are cost competitive, and offer more customizing options and flexibility.

China NFC smart card inlay manufacturer and NFC smart card solution providers

Card Cube accepts custom orders. Our experience and global presence has given us the expertise to meet requirements for many varieties of NFC inlay. We have complete solutions for identifying and personalizing NFC inlay & NFC Products. Card Cube is glad to customize NFC inlay with your own format.

Card Cube insists the business philosophy of "Quality first, service first " , focus on strengthening personnel training and product R&D , and continuously improving production management and quality control. Always bearing in mind the "talent thriving enterprise " concept , take professional technology as the core strength , customer satisfaction as the end purpose,creating a highly efficient core production management team and innovative R & D team and professional sales team. Over the years of its unique corporate charm,a large number of highly qualified professional and technical personnel and management personnel gather here in Card Cube ,worked at different department, smartcard solution dep,production and processing dep, automation equipment R & D dep. sales dep, all of this laid a solid foundation for qualified product and qualified services .Card Cube strictly implement ISO9000: 2008 quality management system and lean production system , with the scientific management, strict production management system , to ensure the provision of high quality smart card -class inlay and high quality services to major professional smart card factory.

Since its inception ,Card Cube has been adhering to integrity, professionalism , qualifying service philosophy, consistent pursuit to the same qualified quality , improve customer service tracking system , to achieve our commitment to every customer , with true strength to win , customer needs as a business vitality , to serve as a source of enterprise development, " competition from professional" spirit to serve domestic and international customers . Foothold in domestic and global to seek partners to develop new markets and win business opportunities, we waiting for your join-in.

NFC smart card inlay manufacturer

NFC inlay products

NFC Smart Card Inlay Products

NFC Inlay Sheet

NFC 125KHz LF Inlay

NFC 13.56MHz HF Inlay

NFC 960MHz UHF Inlay

NFC Composite Inlay

NFC Dual frequency inlay

NFC Inlay Material

PVC / PET / PET-G Sheet

Laminated Film

Hologram Laminated Film

COB (chip on board)

Ultrasonic Enameled Wire

NFC Smart card




NFC Contact Card

NFC Composite Card

Personalized card making machines and upgrade

Customized automatic equipment

Hot melt Adheslve Tape

Ultrasonic Enamel Insulated wire

Mold etc.

Technical support and services

NFC Smart card manufacturer solution provider (scale planning,
production equipment,staffstaffing etc.)

The problem of equipment running and productionprovide
tchnical support for free.

Production equipment maintenance and upgrade.

Monthly output

Monthly output for NFC Inlay is 1000K

Monthly output for NFC Composite Inlay is 600K

Monthly output for NFC Smart card is 50K