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Card Cube Unveiling Ceremony

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CEO Leo,GM Jeff,Vice GM Jason,and more than 200 people including the management leadership of the Group's 14 subsidiaries and all employees of the Group attended the unveiling ceremony.

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During the ceremony, CEO Leo expressed warm welcome to the leaders, shareholders and all the family members on behalf of the Card Cube Group, and expressed their sincere gratitude and speech to all the staff. Chairman Liu Jianxin pointed out that since its establishment in 2010, the card cube group has been insisting on continuous innovation, continuous growth and continuous growth. The efforts and hard work of every family cannot be separated. The group has more than a dozen subsidiaries, from manufacturing RFID smart cards - RFID wristbands - mold manufacturing - independent research and development of face recognition fingerprint smart locks - access control smart fingerprint locks, etc., need more talents to the card cube group and hope that every member can become a shareholder of the group and create brilliant future for the card cube group.



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